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The Knowledge Management Needs of Organisations involved in Africa


Organisation and communities in Africa need knowledge for solutions to "wicked problems". A typical "knowledge product" would be forecasts based on a thorough analysis and interpretaion of knowledge claims. The product would also contain solutions for policy and strategy formulation, contingency planning and learning. The intention of the recommended solutions is to provide the organization with a competitive edge to act and achieve the desired outcomes. Desired outcomes can of course be the quest for profit, but in Africa urgent action is needed to promote peace, manage the causes and effects of natural disasters, increase productivity, competency, service delivery and competitiveness in the interest of the whole international community.

A competitive edge in any organisation requires value-driven and visionary leaders, skilled managers, facilitators and expert workers. The organisation needs training and learning facilitation to develop positive values and skills aimed at productivity, competitiveness, organizational transformation, work ethics, service delivery and growth.

Organisations involved in African development projects requires people with experience dealing with African conditions. Experienced team leaders, monitoring and evaluation specialists, community development experts,advocacy agents and negotiators are needed. A special type of person is required to develop common ground between African community and organisations involved in Africa and to innovate and transform communities along positive values such as peace, restorative justice, freedom and the Spirit of Ubuntu.

Knowledge is the major asset of any organisation. Nowadays organisations realise that the wealth of knowledge in the organisation and the environment they work in (Africa) need to be managed. Knowledge Management services, in the form of interim-management or consultancy, is needed to implement the best practices of indigenous knowledge management in organizations and communities in Africa to enhance their capacity to learn and to produce knowledge for decision-making that activates innovative solutions.

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