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Leadership Innovation

Innovation facilitation with the focus on leadership as an agent of change in Africa

Innovation Workshop

Objective: To enable the Client to make an informed management decision on the strategy to be followed ensuring a successful deployment of an Innovation initiative that will resolve internal problems and deliver clear future directives.

Typical High Level Workshop Agenda:

Informing workshop delegates an overview on current world leading Innovation methodologies and tools available to Management

Present different strategies and methodologies, depending on the Client's specific needs, that can be deployed and imbedded in the organisation

Facilitate Delegate Teams to brainstorm their specific needs, and how to format it in clear Innovation Goals

Present a Roadmap on that need to be followed by the delegates to ensure a successful deployment of such an Innovation initiative

Assistance in project planning to implementing innovation initiatives are inclusive

Venue & Time: Venue and Date is decided by the Client. The duration of such a Workshop is negotiable from 1 day to 3 days depending on the levels of detail and leadership that may be required by the Client.

The Facilitators:

The workshops will be facilitated by Jac Spies, an Innovation specialist with hands on experience in the Public and Private sectors, and strong ties to The Innovation Hub and Dr. Dries Velthuizen, a specialist in the application of indigenous knowledge and collective learning for leadership innovation.

The Facilitators also have significant networks of associates to call on for additional support when required.

We also:

  • Lead skills development and training teams in Africa.

  • Monitor & evaluate post-conflict peace-building and development programs/projects.

  • Community development project management and supervision.

  • Advocacy of post-conflict transformation, good governance, African Unity and other positive values.

  • Mediate and negotiate common ground between international organizations and African communities.

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