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Indigenous Knowledge Management Services

  • Establishment and interim management of multi-cultural and trans-disciplinary knowledge centers.

  • Research, identify, develop new good practices applicable to Africa.

  • Translate policy, strategy and contingency planning into knowledge management practices appropriate to Africa.

  • Develop and maintain knowledge management policy and strategy to engage African challenges.

  • Establish action research capacity jointly with African communities.

  • Facilitate multi-cultural, trans-national and trans-disciplinary networking.

  • Develop a culture of learning and knowledge sharing in an organization.

  • Manage learning interventions to establish good knowledge management practices.

  • Establish collaboration and content management platforms for knowledge sharing using Web 2.0 applications.

  • Establish an intellectual capital repository for reputation management and to manage career paths of individuals or groups.

  • Establish procedures for the protection of cutting edge indigenous knowledge.

  • Research and development through liaison and benchmarking with other knowledge management practitioners.

  • Interpret and ensure compliance of legislation on protection, collection, collation, storage and dissemination of information.

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