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VKMA maintains an extensive knowledge bank of value added documents related to action research, knowledge-driven business solutions, knowledge development and leadership innovation


All our products, where applicable, are aligned with South African Qualifications Authority Unit Standards. All products are complete but can be adjusted in a very short time to adhere to your specific requirements.

    Several Study Guides on all aspects of leadership development

    Study Guide:develop education, training and development policies and procedures for an organization

    Study Guide: How to conduct an integrative learning project

    Study Guide: Human Resources Management

    Study Guide:Public Relations

    Study Guide:Strategic Marketing

    Study Guide:Supply Chain Management

    Several study guides on information technology systems development

    Several study guides on all approaches to knowledge management

    Several study guides on African studies

    Knowledge Retention Tools

    How to do a knowledge assessment

    How to plan a knowledge retention project

    Indigenous Knowledge System Development (Power Point Slides)

    Climate Change: A mind map of impact in an African Development Context

    Monitor & Evaluation Frameworks for Development Projects in Africa

    Study Guide:Management of HIV/AIDS in the workplace

    Study Guide:The concept of human rights and democracy and its application in society

    Several Study Guides on how to manage personal finance

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