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Research and Knowledge Production


  • Action Research Reports.Field research reports on specific themes.

  • Dialogue Reports.Reports on specific interviews, seminars, networking events and conferences according to customer needs.

  • Data-mining Reports.Reports from RSS-feeds, email newsletters, blogs, forums, Google alerts, searches, social networking, and online special interest groups, according to themes identified by customers.

  • Open Source Reports. A synthesis of action research, data-mining and dialogue reports, according to specific customer themes.

  • Business Alerts. Near real-time alerts of opportunities and threats to business in Africa.

  • Forecasts and Innovative Solutions. Periodical publications on specific themes, forecasting circumstances businesses and organizations can expect. These forecasts will form the basis of recommendations for innovative business solutions.

  • Advocacy Publications. Research reports on specific themes, advocating positive values such as peace, service delivery, restorative justice and good governance.

  • Web Publishing. Publishing of newsletters and participation in online social and professional networks on behalf of clients.

  • Text Book Publishing. Manuals on specific business practices.

  • Web Design for Small Businesses. An advertising and interactive communication facility for small-businesses in Africa.

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