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Enjoy your participation in creating new knowledge. Together with other researchers, partners and friends, you can now share your knowledge and benefit from the end-result without any thought control. Of course we here at VKMA wil evaluate, validate and moderate contributions. But we will never intervene, unless of course, some bandit fails to keep it clean. Together we will analyse, interpret and learn. Thenew knowledgewe create will be widely disseminated to assist people in our network to find solutions.

Join VKMA Knowledge Production Forum
Who can join? Any person who claims to have knowledge on how to produce new knowledge solutions, including but not limited to:

  • VKMA Data Miners

  • VKMA Action Research Team Members

  • VKMA Liaison Personnel

  • Professional Knowledge Workers

  • Members of local communities

  • Holders of indigenous knowledge

  • Researchers and Analysts

  • VKMA Associates and Friends

  • Prospective partners from the Northern Hemisphere

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    Collaborate to develop new ideas.
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